Ideal dealership marketing mix

Developing the Ideal Dealership Marketing Mix

Finding the ideal dealership marketing mix is a constant struggle. Once you find something that works one month, it doesn’t work the next. It’s a constant battle that takes a lot of time and energy, which is why so many dealerships have become complacent with their current results and less inclined to make any major changes. But what if developing the right mix of marketing tactics could be easier? What if one tool provided marketing and customer service opportunities?

It seems like dealers are looking to drive more leads with organic search and SEM, but they struggle to get away from third party lead providers — which, by the way, are providing leads to every other dealership in your area. SEO and SEM require additional training and knowledge, good writing ability, and constant monitoring and updating. Most dealerships don’t have these resources so purchasing leads makes a lot of sense until your cost per lead becomes more than you budgeted for this year.

Dealers know what they want from a results standpoint but are unsure of how to get there. It’s time to diversify. Don’t put all your marketing dollars in search, SEM, third-party leads, inflatable gorillas, or TV and radio ads. It’s important to spread the marketing dollars around and become invested in social media.

A tweet doesn’t cost a thing. Neither does a Facebook status update or a photo on Instagram. It’s important to mix the free and fairly cheap marketing tactics in with more expensive ones like your advertisements that run during the Today Show throughout the week.

While one ideal dealership marketing mix may only be five percent social media, another could be fifty percent or higher, depending on the size of the dealer (or dealer group) and the allocated budget. Regardless if the dealer has one rooftop or 15, social media is an important piece of the dealership marketing puzzle.

For most dealers, the biggest problem with social media is the inability to tie ROI to it or a lack of trained personnel who can operate accounts on behalf of the dealership. Tools like ChatterUP can help.

ChatterUP is an automotive social media management system that not only makes it easy for dealers to deliver their message to more people, but also brings the right people to the dealership at the right time. It’s more than status updates and retweets. It’s conversation marketing that builds engaged relationships.

It’s never too late to tweak your marketing mix and try something new. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result. If a tactic isn’t producing the results you expect or have experienced in the past, change it.

Justin Marquardt

Co-Founder, CMO - Justin is the driving force behind ChatterUP’s sales and marketing efforts. With his 11 years in the automotive technology space and his experience running a social media business, Justin is uniquely positioned to drive change in the automotive social marketplace.