Integrate social media with sales process

Integrating social media into the dealership sales process

We all know this to be true: car dealers need to be present and active on social media. According to a 2013 study by and GfK Automotive Research, 38% of consumers say they will consult social media in making their next car purchase. In the same study, 23% of car buyers said they use social media to share their purchase experience.

However, according to CMO Council, while many dealers are investing heavily into social media marketing and all are at least experimenting with social, no one thinks it’s a mature marketing tactic — meaning, dealers aren’t using social media as part of their sales process.

So what can your dealership do today to begin integrating social media into the dealership sales process and sell more cars?

Understand your social audience

Who is following you on Twitter or liking you on Facebook? Are they millennials, baby boomers, senior citizens, or all three? Mostly men or mostly women? In social media, the who is just as important as the what — who you are talking to determines what you are saying.

Engage in conversation

Now that you know who is listening, get them to respond to you. Successful social media marketing is more of a conversation and less of a sales pitch. Ask questions and be interesting.

Maximize your social moments

Instead of spewing advertisements for your latest promotion on Twitter and Facebook, listen to the people around you and respond to their questions and even their complaints. Be an active participant in social media and consider it similar to a phone conversation or email exchange.

Focus on location

When you truly understand your audience, you also have a better idea of where they are located in relation to your dealership. If someone near your dealership tweets they are in the market for a new vehicle, you need to maximize the opportunity and engage with them in meaningful conversation.

For more information on how you can start integrating social media into the dealership sales process, watch this video.

Justin Marquardt

Co-Founder, CMO - Justin is the driving force behind ChatterUP’s sales and marketing efforts. With his 11 years in the automotive technology space and his experience running a social media business, Justin is uniquely positioned to drive change in the automotive social marketplace.


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