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An Introduction to Conversation Marketing for Car Dealers

Let’s take a ride in our DeLorean and go back in time, not too long ago, when the only technology car dealers needed was a CRM database to track floor traffic and referral business. Most folks who walked onto the lot had an idea of what they wanted, not because they had researched it online but because they had owned the make [and maybe the model] before, or a family member did, or they had researched it in Consumer Reports.

Today, automotive shoppers are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital advertising across multiple retail categories than the average consumer. Car buyers are spending more time online than on the lot.

Consider this, 70% of the car-buying process is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a live salesperson. If buyers can’t find your dealership and reviews of your sales team and service bay online, you won’t make the short list for lots to visit on Saturday.

But is it enough to have a Web presence? What else should dealers be doing to be found and stand out in a crowded marketplace? Meet conversation marketing.

The days of β€œpush marketing” are gone. We know it. People aren’t responding to advertisements, balloons, special offers and inflatable gorillas anymore. Consumers are looking for information, not fireworks, when it comes to their next car purchase. Dealers that engage with them in a meaningful way, across the channel they prefer, will come out on top.

Conversation marketing is about talking with the customer, not at them. It’s about listening to their needs and concerns and offering solutions that really resonate with their expectations and wallet. It’s engagement that matters!

ChatterUP offers car dealers the ability to engage buyers in conversation marketing via social media. No more random tweets about inventory or the latest review of a car by Car & Driver. Gone are the days of posting content for the sake of having a Twitter profile or because your agency said you have to be β€œactive” on social media. Stop being active and start being relevant.


Justin Marquardt

Co-Founder, CMO - Justin is the driving force behind ChatterUP’s sales and marketing efforts. With his 11 years in the automotive technology space and his experience running a social media business, Justin is uniquely positioned to drive change in the automotive social marketplace.


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