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Moving Beyond Manufacturer Marketing Services

Take a look at websites in your area for dealers from the same manufacturer. You may be surprised by how many are solely using manufacturer marketing services to drive business. Of course, doing something is better than nothing; but when your competition is running the same ads you are, how can you possibly stand out?

Many dealerships utilize manufacturer marketing services out of convenience. Who knows better than them how to market their vehicles, right? When every dealership has the same website, paid search, and even social media posts, the message may be heard but the dealership isn’t.

Brands who spend money on advertising and marketing rely on the concept of effective frequency to determine the number of times they should run an advertisement. To test brand’s effective frequency, complete these statements:

β€œ__________ is on your side.”

β€œ__________. Open happiness.”

β€œ__________. Let’s go places.”

One or two may have been easier than the others, but you get the idea.

Whenever consumers hear these messages, they think of the brand — not the local insurance agent who will sell them coverage, not the nearest grocery store who carriers their favorite Coke beverage, and certainly not the Toyota dealership in the next county.

Now put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. You see and hear the same message from a three different car dealerships on TV, on the radio, and even as you browse your Twitter feed. With no real distinguishing message, you’re left with a general message and if you take action, you’ll likely visit the dealership nearest your home or office.

Instead of waiting around for manufacturer marketing programs to allow more customized ads, why not separate yourself from the crowd (and the noise) now?

Ask any successful dealer why they outsell their competition and they’ll tell you there are three keys to winning in the car dealer business: inventory, operations, and reputation. Marketing and advertising provides the platform to share these three keys to success with the public. When dealers utilize the manufacturer marketing services, they promote their manufacturer — not their distinctively unique dealership and the experience they offer.

Dealers that engage with consumers beyond manufacturer advertising, across the channels consumers prefer, win.

One method to improving dealership marketing is through tools such as ChatterUP that offer dealers the ability to engage in conversation marketing. Essentially, rather than spewing manufacturer marketing mumbo-jumbo (that’s a scientific term), conversation marketing engages with local car buyers through social media allowing dealerships to start building relationships instead of hoping and praying someone remembers an ad was for your dealership and not the one in the town over.

To learn more about conversation marketing and how it can help your dealership stand apart from your competition, check out this article.

Nate Marquardt

Co-Founder, CEO of ChatterUP - A strategic thinker and visionary who brought the right people together to form and launch ChatterUP. With over 12 years of leadership, automotive software and social media experience, he has helped align the team’s vision to create a product that is both simple and innovative.