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The Ideal Dealership Internet Department

Wouldn’t it be nice if you arrived to work each day, had leads waiting on you, and when you called them they scheduled an appointment with the sales team and actually showed up?

In a perfect world, this would be a reality.

While there is no magic bullet that can make an internet manager’s life easier, there are tools that can help build a more ideal dealership internet department without making a big dent in the marketing budget.

Social media, in large part, is free. Unless you’re posting ads, social media is the fastest and most economical way to reach your target audience of prospective buyers and current dealership customers. However, where social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are limited is in their ability to share your posts [for free] with a geo-targeted audience.

What is geo-targeting? Geo-targeting refers to the practice of delivering different content to a website user based on his or her geographic location. Geo-targeting is most frequently used to target local customers through paid or organic search. However, it can be used to deliver specific social media content to an online audience based on their geographic location as well.

So how does it work? Twitter, for example, offers geo-targeting for advertisers. Say you’re running a Memorial Day weekend sales event and you want consumers within 100 miles of your dealership to see the promoted tweet. You can geo-target by city, state, region, country, etc… via Twitter. However, how often is your dealership running ads on social media?

Wouldn’t you rather geo-target all your tweets and not just the ones you’re paying for?

In a perfect world, you could.

And it just so happens you can. Right now. With ChatterUP. Isn’t it time to take that big leap towards becoming the ideal dealership internet department? Schedule your demo today.

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Justin Marquardt

Co-Founder, CMO - Justin is the driving force behind ChatterUP’s sales and marketing efforts. With his 11 years in the automotive technology space and his experience running a social media business, Justin is uniquely positioned to drive change in the automotive social marketplace.